Your Own Podcast is a Powerful Marketing Vehicle

Podfudge is a new kind of podcasting agency

You know how awesome peanut butter + chocolate are together. Combined they create something new and uniquely delicious

In a similar way, Podfudge drives to the intersection of podcast engineering & digital marketing.

Podfudge = Podcasting Technology + Digital Marketing

We are the birth-child of two founders with unique backgrounds & skill sets:

Chris Curran is a sound engineer & podcasting pioneer.  Kevin Strasser
 is a social media marketing leader with years of tech & startup experience.

What This Means for You

Podfudge helps businesses & influencers plan, launch, produce, & market podcasts. Creating a podcast can be a daunting task — we are here to help.

We work for you on a monthly basis, without complex contracts or expensive set up fees. We are the only podcasting agency that specializes in podcast production, business strategy, and digital marketing.


What we bring to your plate


Initial Consultation

  • Guidance with podcast strategies
  • Show ideas, conception, & vision
  • Brainstorm episode topics

Audio Production

  • Tutorials on equipment & recording
  • Sound quality consulting & support
  • Podcast editing & audio file creation

Technical Support

  • Show notes created for you
  • Optimized file metadata created
  • Podcast SEO optimization

Marketing & Branding

  • Branding guidance & support
  • Social media marketing consulting
  • Audience growth services
  • Social content creation