25 Ways a Podcast Will Boost Your Business

The benefits of podcasting for businesses and business leaders are seriously amazing. Here are 25 of the top benefits you can gain by starting your own podcast.

  1. A podcast will help new people learn about you or your business.
  2. Get found in iTunes (a huge search engine) and other podcast directories.
  3. Drive more traffic to your business website.
  4. Develop an intimacy with your audience not possible using other mediums.
  5. Further establish authority in your field. Build influence and gain enhanced credibility for your business.
  6. Develop new fruitful relationships with people you feature on your show.
  7. Generate new content that can be used within other business marketing channels.
  8. Directly promote your products and services.
  9. Establish your compassion & expertise in a new way.
  10. Build trust with your audience by demonstrating your humanity.
  11. Share your knowledge “on-demand.” Podcasting is like the Netflix for audio — listeners can browse archived episodes and listen any time.
  12. Podcasts reach people that may not be reading your company blog.
  13. People can listen to your podcast while multi-tasking, which they cannot do when watching a video or reading blog posts.
  14. Enhance relationships with your business partners by featuring them on your podcast.
  15. Connect with industry experts who might not take your call or notice you otherwise.
  16. People who listen to podcasts tend to have a lot of passion for podcasts, show great loyalty to the shows they enjoy, and are more likely to become true fans.
  17. Land higher profile speaking engagements based on your podcast exposure.
  18. People can now listen to podcasts at the gym or on a walk with only a watch on their wrist.
  19. You can generate income from your show from ads and sponsorships.
  20. Podcasts can be used for bartering leverage.
  21. People are more likely to want to do business with you knowing that you host your own show.
  22. A successful show can lead to unexpected streams of revenue.
  23. Podcasting is great for your confidence and it’s more fun than many expect.
  24. Discussing complex topics is proven to help solidify understanding. Making a podcast can make your smarter!
  25. The butterfly effect. By putting your show out into the world, you are altering the course of your future in ways you cannot imagine.

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Chris Curran

Chris is a Co-Founder of Podfudge. He produces podcasts for businesses and influencers, and is also the Founder of Podcast Engineering School.